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If you choose Neos Marmaras for your vacation, its picturesque scenery will impress you. The village is built near the sea, surrounding by beautiful and traditional restaurants. The nightlife is,also, worth mentioning. There is a variety of nightclubs and bars near the sea. The traditional Greek food will offer you a taste of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. You can participate in daily boat trips, in order to see the beauties of the first peninsula of Chalkidiki ,as long as visit the third peninsula and take a look at the beautiful and famous Mount Athos. Close to the village there is a luxurious resort hotel, Porto Karras, which you can visit either by car or by boat. In Porto Karras you will admire the natural beauty of Sithonia combined with the affordable luxury that Porto Karras offers. The Hotel has a casino, cafeterias and a variety of shops. Finally, the beautiful sea coasts and the crystal-clear waters will show you the magic of the Greek sea. There are many beaches which you can visit, two large beaches in the village, one of them has a beach bar, too. There are, also, two smaller beaches near our studios. A few kilometers afar , you will find the beautiful beaches of Lagomandra, Kalogria, Koviou and many more. If you have a car, you have the possibility to travel around Sithonia and admire its natural beauty, picturesque scenery and crystal-clear waters. Moreover, the second largest city in Greece , Thessaloniki, is only 120km away. You will have the chance to learn about its history and visit its shops, in which you will find anything you want.

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