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Beaches in Sithonia – rooms marmara chalkidiki – apartments marmaras halkidiki

Sithonia Beaches

Crystal clear blue waters, golden sand and a coastline of more than 550km create marvelous bays and beaches that excite us all. In Sithonia you will find popular beach bars –with music and water sports facilities- ideal for socializing. The area has many secret, quite places by the sea, perfect for chilling out. There are beaches offering family activities- where children can play safely- yet there are also places with deep waters, ideal for scuba diving and explorers of the deep sea. The turquoise waters, the pine forest behind the beach and the wide range of facilities on offer, create choices that suit every taste. No matter what you are looking for, Halkidiki, Sithonia has the place for you.

Agios Ioannis: Beautiful and enormous sandy beach with crystal waters

Koviou: Small, sandy beach. The access is possible only by walking from the main asphalted road.

Kalogria: Beach with white, thin sand and pine-trees that extend to the shore

Spathies: Small beach with sand and rocks, spotless waters and pine-trees that extend to the shore

Elia: Naroow beach, with pine and olive-trees that extend to the shore

Perigiali: Small beach, next to Elia coast

Lagomandra: The pine-tree orchard reaches up to the thin sand. The beach presents restaurants, bars and facilities for water sports

Tripotamos: beach with wide, white sand and pine-trees

Keramaria: About 1,2km from Neos Marmaras, on the way from Nikiti on your right hand. It is an unorganized beach with a sand and pebble mix. It is easily accessible either by car or on foot. A relatively quiet beach with very clear waters.

Paradisos: Wide, sandy beach. It is located on the right of Neos Marmaras. It has restaurants, taverns and bars.

Neos Marmaras: In the town of Neo Marmaras is the city beach which gives you a view not only to the sea but to the quaint town that is built on hills overlooking the bay. This beach is a continuation of the Porto Carras beach a little further south stretching for almost 3 km. Because of the amount of hotels and apartments for rent closeby, the beach is usually busy, but it is also a convenient beach because of it’s proximity to Neo Marmaras.

Porto Carras: In the most popular resort of the North Greece, there are many small beaches and creeks, all with thin, white sand, pine-trees and light blue waters. In the resort you can find many restaurants and bars, as well as facilities for all kinds of water sports

Azapiko: Great in length and width sandy beach with thin, white sand, without vegetation, very little developed.

Tristinika: Immense sandy beach that still reminds us what the beaches of Sithonia looked like in the past, before they were developed. It lies in front of a small settlement, with a few rooms for rent, hotels and taverns. It also has one of the most beautiful beach-bars in Halkidiki.

Aretes: Splendid, very little developed sandy beach, with pine-trees that reach up to the shore in a wonderful village, on a bay, between tall rocks. The waters are quite deep. There are restaurants, taverns and cafeterias.

Ampelos: Secluded beach, in an impressive place, where a narrow ‘tongue’ of sea enters the abrupt mountain slopes.

Kalamitsi: Astonishing beach with thin, like sugar, white sand and impressive grey rock formations around it. It has restaurants and taverns.

Kriaritsi: splendid sandy beach in a beautiful landscape with a view over the islets Skepes, Ahinoi and Petalida

Klimataria: one of the beaches of Sykia. Small, quit, sandy beach

Linaraki: Immense, sandy beach with taverns

Valti: After the beach Linaraki, small sandy beach

Platanitsi: Astonishing, enormous sandy beach with thin, white sand and crystal waters

Sarti: Enormous, sandy beach, in front of the homonymous village. It has restaurants, taverns, bars and cafeterias.

Kavourotrypes: A concealed lace of white small sandy beaches, turquoise waters, rocks sculptured by waves and dense pine-trees that reach up to the shore

Armenistis: Exotic beach with white, thin sand, full of plane and elm trees, acacias and eucalyptuses. It has organized water sports facilities

Zografou: Beautiful beach, with white thin sand, surrounded by rocks

Koutloumousi: Beautiful, sandy beach full of plane-trees

Karydi: Perhaps the most beautiful beach of Sithonia. White, thin sand, turquoise waters. Small and quiet beach

Livari: Wide, sandy ‘tongue’ of land penetrating the sea with some pine-trees on it, which forms a small lagoon

Ormos Panagias: The beach of the homonymous settlement is sandy. There are restaurants, taverns and cafeterias

Trani Ammouda: Immense, exotic and quiet sandy beach

Livrihio: Small, sandy beach

Salonikiou: Side, sandy and peaceful beach

Pyrgadikia: Small beach, in front of the homonymous village. There are restaurants, taverns and cafeterias